Eurosmoke Bubble Fluid – 5L


Fluid produced in France according to a strict industrial treatment process that grants a high purity. The chemical componants are checked by a permanent Quality Control.


Works with any type of bubble machines
No smell,
Non flammable.  

Type of Fluid :EUROBUBBLE Standard 
  Product Base :Surfactant, ethoxy fat alcohol, stabiliser
  Masse/Volume at 20°C :1,01 kg/L
  pH at 20°C :3,0
  Colour of fluid :Neutral – colourless
  Stability of Bubble :Correct
  Mixing ratio :Ready to use
  Available in cans of :1L, 5L, 20L, 25 L, 200L
  Comfort :No smell Biodegradable
  Storage :No use limit date Very sensitive to cold (keep over 2°C)
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