Samson MTR101a Condenser Microphone


With a smooth frequency response and impressive SPL handling, the Samson MTR101A condenser microphone is a smart addition to any budget-minded studio.


One thing Sweetwater appreciates about this mic is its combination of low self noise and high SPL handling. The low noise makes the MTR101A ideal for delicate recordings like soft vocals or acoustic instruments. And the high SPL handling means you can put it in front of drums or a loud guitar amp without worrying about distortion. Regardless of what you record in your studio, the Samson MTR101A will serve you well. On top of a great microphone, the Samson MTR101A comes with a shockmount for your mic stand and also a pop filter. While the mic capsule inside the MTR101A is internally shock-mounted, the stand-mounted shockmount is an extra barrier against outside vibrations being picked up by the mic. And the pop filter is a must-have for loud or sibilant vocalists, ensuring you don’t lose a great take to pops or clicks. Samson MTR101A Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Features at a Glance:

  • Cardioid condenser microphone for a wide variety of applications
  • Comes with shockmount mic clip and a pop filter for vocal recording
  • Low self noise makes it ideal for recording soft sources like acoustic instruments
  • High SPL handling (137dB) lets you record louder sources without distortion
  • Internal shockmount helps reduce rumble and handling noise
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